“Practice isn't the thing you do once you're good.
It's the thing you do that makes you good.”

Malcolm Gladwell


Workshops for Students

Learning MindPOP skills in groups is the most engaging and cost-effective way for students to explore MindPOP strategies. This format is ideal because students can participate in discussions and interactive activities with their peers. They also discover that they are
not alone in the challenges they are facing.

A selection of workshop topics are described below.

Additional topics and/or personalized content available upon request.
Workshops are 75-90 minutes long and can accommodate 10-20 participants.

Sessions can be booked for community or school groups, and can be tailored to suit 

intermediate, high school, or post-secondary levels.

Fees vary. Please contact for more info.


Systematize Your School Supplies

(a.k.a organize your school materials)
Ideal for Grades 7 - 10

This workshop is an introductory session to the MindPOP program. Students will explore how mindset impacts actions, reflect on their priorities, and consider the importance of planning now and planning ahead. They will also learn how to organize their school materials using a Binder & Filing System, which is a more functional and efficient organizational method than what students typically use. It is ideal to do this workshop prior to the start of the school year or semester, but the binder system can be started at any time. Streamlining and simplifying our systems reduces the demands on our brain and frees up mental energy for other tasks. Students will head out feeling energized and capable.

Required materials for the binder and filing system include:

1 Staples Better binder (1-½”), 1 hanging file rack, 1 pack of Avery Big Tab pocket dividers, file folders + labels, and plastic holders for hanging file labels.

Supplies to be purchased by the participants prior to workshop.

Open Notebook

SURE F!RE Study Hacks

Suitable for Grades 7 - 12 and university/college
This is a 2-part workshop, but can be condensed to a single session if needed

What does it mean to "study"? Studying for tests or exams is a skill that most students have never learned, so it's not surprising that their methods may not be very effective. In this workshop, students will examine different strategies and gain tools that will help them learn HOW TO PREPARE effectively for exams and tests. These workshops will introduce students to the first crucial tool for productive studying: The Study Cycle (by Anti-Boring Academic Coach, Gretchen Wegner). This is a 3-step process that makes the concept of studying less abstract. In workshop 1, students will learn why rereading is not an effective study method and find out how a second essential tool, Retrieval Practice, will improve their recall of information. Students will learn about the value of mnemonics as a memory aid, how to use the “folded-paper method,” and how to tweak the traditional flashcards method to make it more effective. In workshop 2, they will discover why cramming doesn't work and how to plan properly for exams using a third vital tool, Spaced Practice. The workshops will also get students thinking about their mindset & motivation, the myth of multitasking, and how to shift their approach to better manage test anxiety.

Old-Fashioned Clock

Boost Your Skills to Beat Procrastination

Ideal for Grades 11-12 and university/college

Find out how underlying emotions or other factors might be affecting your motivation and leading to procrastination. This workshop gives you an opportunity to reflect on your tendency to put off tasks and develop strategies to shift your behaviour. Rethink to-do lists and schedules to stay organized without being overwhelmed. You will leave refreshed with new insights and a game plan to approach your tasks.

"Time management only goes so far; the emotional reasons for delay must also be addressed."

Shirley Wang, Wall Street Journal

Students Taking Exams

Superb Strategies to Conquer Exam Stress

Ideal for university/college students but also suitable for high school

Are you feeling overwhelmed about preparing for your exams? 
Are you  worried about how you will perform?
In this workshop you will find out how your perception of stress might be affecting your ability to be productive and discover how to shift your focus so you can feel more in control. You will also learn about mindsets that can help to transform your nervous energy so you can stay in the zone. A change in your approach and a quick review of the most effective study strategies will give you the boost you need. 
Don’t let exam stress diminish your potential - learn how to use it to your advantage!

First Aid_edited_edited.jpg

Stress Reduction through Self-Compassion

Suitable for Grades 7-12 and university/college

Understand how self-compassion leads to healthier behaviours and can be a significant source of strength in difficult times. In this workshop, you will learn what self-compassion really means and discover how it can be a powerful way to increase your emotional strength. This workshop will help you to find ways to stop being so hard on yourself and show you how cultivating self-compassion can increase your resilience.

“Unlike self-criticism, which asks if you are good enough, self compassion asks what’s good for you?”

Dr. Kristin Neff

Young Women Brainstorming

* Personalized Workshops *

For: grades 7-12, college/university, parents, educators

Workshop content can be tailored to suit a particular group's needs. Please contact for more information.