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MindPOP Fundamentals

The mission of MindPOP (mindful-mindset-plan-organize-prioritize) is to

introduce students to mindsets and methods that will help them improve their executive function skills. Executive functions are a set of mental skills that allow us to manage ourselves and our resources in order to achieve a goal. These skills include: regulating emotions, self-monitoring (keeping track of what you are doing), paying attention, starting and completing tasks, organizing, planning, and prioritizing. 

Through reflective and interactive activities and discussions, this program will provide tools to help students organize their materials, plan & prioritize tasks, develop effective learning strategies, cope with stress, and build resilience. As students increase their self-awareness, they will be better able to make mindful choices about themselves as learners in school and life.



introduction to mindfulness: being in the moment, bringing attention back to the moment, non-judgmental acceptance of emotions as part of human experience, grounding/breathing techniques

Areas of Support

MindPOP support is offered in a variety of formats (see My Services for details).

Sessions and workshops incorporate content from the areas below to help students find "brain-friendly" ways to organize their materials, improve their time management, prepare for tests & exams, and transform their mindset & attitude to boost their performance and overall well-being.


Organize School Materials


The Binder & Filing System

Structure & Routines

Time Management

Defining Priorities

Planning Now/Planning Ahead

Use of Agenda/ Calendar

Tackling Long-term Assignments

Mindset Belief Discipline Experience Kno

Preparation for Evaluations

How to Study

Planning to Study

Learning Strategies

Managing Exam Stress

Embracing Oral Presentations

Mindset, Attitude, & Mental Fitness

Mindfulness, Emotional Regulation, & Managing Stress

Setting Goals & Implementation Intentions

Motivation & Procrastination

Attention & Focus

Growth Mindset